It makes me crazy how grief can sneak up at you without warning and knock you on your ass. Sometimes, I miss my Mom that it physically hurts. Other times, I hear her laugh, in memory, and it brightens my entire day. It’s nearly been 3 years since she left but I still can’t grasp how permanent this all is. I’ll never hear her voice again. I’ll never call her, when things feel all messed up, and ask for advice. I will never hug her and tell her that I love her. I know that, wherever she is, she knows how much she means to me. And I hope, somewhere, she misses me as much as I miss her.




8 Things I Won’t Miss If The World Ends Friday


1.First of the Month- I work in Retail. Grocery Retail. And I work in the part of town that has a lot of government assistance customers. They get the bulk of their benefits the first of the month. Sweet Jesus, it gets crazy! The first ten days of the month wear me down! It’s like getting ran over by a train over and over again….. for ten days.

2.Accidentally hitting the email icon on my iPhone- This may be the most horrible thing I could possibly do on my phone. I don’t check it often… never. So if I hit the button it searches for any unread messages. With the amount of junk emails I get, this number gets pretty high. It makes me crazy to see that I have messages, so I feel the need to go through all of these emails. It takes hours

3.Snow– I don’t think this needs much explanation. It’s not the actual snow I hate. It’s how the public reacts in my grocery store. I think the weather people and the grocery people are in cahoots.

4.Justin Bieber- nuff said.

5.Wal-Mart- even walking into that building pisses me off. The associates are unfriendly and they never have any check lanes open. Our Wal-Mart had like 25 lanes and they only ever have 4 open. It doesn’t matter what time it is or how busy it is. Plus, the cashier are SLOW!

6.Facebook game requests- Okay, I will admit it. I play a few games on Facebook. Two really. I don’t mind getting or send those requests. But if I don’t send you a game request for a certain game then I don’t want to play it. Fuck you and your flowers. I don’t care if all of your crops die and you cow starves to death, I don’t want to play that fucking game!

7.People Who Spell There, Their and They’re Wrong- It’s not that hard. Really, people?

8.When Someone Sends You A Text and You Reply and They Don’t Text Back For Hours- This is a huge pet peeve for me. If you take the time to bother me, why would you not wait to send me a reply? That is truly annoying to me.

So, what can you add to my list?

Childhood Memories Come to Life

Sometimes, things just work out perfectly, like God planned it all out for you. I had one of those moments earlier this summer. Growing up, my Mom was a big fan of Wynonna Judd. I can remember getting off of the school bus and walking up to the house. Many days you would hear ‘No One Else on Earth’ blaring in the house. When I hear this I knew that Mom was cleaning and doing her signature dance through the house. It’s just one of those childhood memories that have stuck with me.

Erin and Chelsea posing by the Wynonna promo poster outside of the concert.

Flash Forward about 15 years: It’s July 2012 and Mom has been gone nearly 2 years. We all (my sisters and Grandma) still struggle daily with her passing. My younger sister Chelsea worked at Hoosier Park Racing and Casino. Every summer they have a ‘Summer Concert Series’ and of course I notice that Wynonna is one of the headliners. Immediately, we decide we are going. My sister, being the pimp that she is, scores us 4 tickets to go. One for me, Chelsea, my older sister Erin and my Grandma. They weren’t great seats but I wasn’t going to complain. We really wanted to go because we knew Mom would have been all over this.

The view from our seats.

In the days leading up to the show I started doing some Wynonna research. I learned that she has a VIP Twitter contest before every show. You tweet your seat location and she picks 4 people to give 2 front row seats and VIP meet and greet. Well, in a stroke of crazy luck, I won 2 tickets. I decided that I was going to use the two tickets on myself and my younger sister since she was the one who scored us the tickets in the first place. So, I am at home, getting ready for the concert when I decide to check Wynonna’s twitter. Crazy enough, Chelsea also won 2 VIP tickets! When we went to pick up the tickets we found out that all four tickets were right next to each other.

We got to meet Wynonna but we were all a little too shy to say much to her. We were lucky to be able to take our picture with her. The show was amazing and I must admit that she is a very talented singer. She was down to Earth and the show was very intimate. We could really feel Mom there with us.

It was one of the greatest days of my life and I feel like we were meant to be there. How else do you explain but of us winning the VIP tickets. It was a special day that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I will forever be grateful for the experience.

Deal Breakers

I was listening to the radio the other night, headed back from hanging out with some friends. Any way, there was a talk radio show on and they were talking about deal breakers in a relationship. It got me to thinking about what my deal breakers are. Some things are bigger than others. Not all are extreme deal breakers, I can live some of it. So here is my list:

  1. Experienced Women- If you have been with more men than you have fingers, it’s not going to work out with us. I understand that we all have a past and different life experiences, but I can’t deal with eating from the buffet.
  2. Smokers- I have nothing against smokers personally, I just don’t find it to be a habit I like to be around. Growing up, most of my family were smokers. I don’t like the smell and I really don’t like the taste. I don’t want to be kissing an ashtray.
  3. No Sense of Humor- If you want to be with me I have to be able to laugh with you. I enjoy joking around and having a good time. If you can’t do that I have nothing for you.
  4. Busy Bodies- I like a girl who likes to take it easy and kick back at home at times. I like to go out and have a good time but I also like to sit back and relax. Kicking back and watching a movie or watching tv.
  5. Fast Food Junkies- Don’t get me wrong, I like eating out occasionally, but it’s not something I need to do all the time. I love staying home and cooking. What woman wouldn’t like a man cooking for her? I’m that guy who will cook for you.
  6. Video Game Haters- This is a touchy subject for me. I really enjoy kicking back and playing video games for a while. It’s fun. It is one of my stress relievers. If you can’t accept that it’s over. Really, I like a woman who will play a game with me. I don’t mind sitting back and watch you play either!

I’m sure there are more I could add to this list, but that is all I have for now. What are your deal breakers?

My Road Trip Wrestling Family

when you pay $80 for second row tickets this is the last thing you want to sit in front of you!

I love road trips with my friends. The things I have seen and the ‘people’ I have met will stay with me for eternity. Whenever we go to a Wrestling show, we always have a blast. It’s usually filled with laughter!

Wrestling Family

           This group kind of rotates. I never know for sure who will be going. There are always two of us who go every time. Kevin and I have been going to shows for the better part of five years. We used to keep track of when and where we went, but after a while, we quit counting. To the more mainstream shows, Kristen usually tags along. We have a love/hate relationship and we always have a blast. Even if it’s me teasing her and her beating my ass. Richie was added to the ranks a few years ago. We (Kevin, Rich and I) hit it off as soon as we all discovered that we have a common love of professional wrestling. Other people who have attended our shows are Rhonda, Millie, Anthony, Petey and many more. No matter who goes hilarity ensures.

Here are a few of my favorite memories:

  • The six-toed lady hillbilly lady who couldn’t get names right but couldn’t help but yell out at the top of her lungs.
  • The crazy couple that I offended and they were waiting for us in the parking lot.
  • Nearly choking Rhonda for locking my car keys in the trunk when we were a state away from my spare key.
  • The Porkarican man insulting latino people. (I think this story will get its own post!)
  • A large gentleman sitting in front of Kevin breaking his chair and landing on Kevin’s foot….three times.

with Jim Cornette… I believe he asked “what the fuck is that on your phone?”



Random Ramblings #6

  1. Can you tell I’m ready for Football! I’m sure the picture tells you which team is my favorite! I know a lot of people think we are screwed without Manning, but I disagree. I’m felling Lucky! Let’s GO COLTS!
  2. Fuck people. I really hate working with most of the public. It’s not everyone. Just a large majority of people. The ones that make you cringe when you see them walk in the door. How can someone be so unhappy in their life that they feel the need to take it out on someone who they don’t even know? I don’t get it. Life is too short to be angry all of the time. I just wish more people could see it.
  3. I fucking missed having the internet and cable. How did I live without being connected? I need my tv fix every now and again. I don’t really watch much but I have found I am addicted to Roseanne reruns.
  4. Roseanne reminds me of my family growing up. We put the fun in disfunction. To this day, we may not always get along but we alway love each other and would go to the ends of the Earth for each other.
  5. If I’ve learned anything over the last two years it is this: Life is ever-changing. Nothing stays the same. You have to roll with the punches and deal with it. You can’t let things destroy you. Even if it is/was your biggest nightmare.

That is all I have for you tonight! Follow me on Twitter here.


What Is Love?


Do me a favor. Ask yourself a question. Could you hate someone for not being like you? Can you look down upon someone who doesn’t think the way you do? I know the answers for me. No. How can I? There is no one I know who is like me. I know many people who share some attributes and traits that I have, but I know no one who is exactly like me. No one has ever walked in my shoes and had the same experiences that I’ve had.

Some people use their Religion as an excuse to hate. Anyone who does this is a hypocrite. No God, in any religion, tells their followers to hate someone. God is love. Love is understanding. Anyone who hates doesn’t know God.

Now, I’m no shining example of a Godly man, but I know what my God teaches me. He has a lot of things he would prefer of me, but he only has big rules that I try to live by.


1. Love God

2. Love your neighbor. ( I take this as love everyone that isn’t yourself)

3. Love yourself.

Why can’t we all see beyond our differences and LOVE one another. Diversity is one of the greatest things a community of people can have. If we were all the same things would get boring pretty fast. So know this: I love you for who you are. I don’t care if you are black, white, hispanic, asian, gay, straight, transgender, fat, skinny, ugly, pretty and anything else that I can’t think of at the moment.

9 Things You Should Know About My Dog But Probably Don’t


1. He is an addict. He has to eat all of the cat food after he finishes eating his. He can’t help himself. He sneaks out and goes for it as soon as my attention is elsewhere.

2. He shares my personality. He is antisocial and trusts no one until he gets to know them. He’s a chip off the old block.

3. He is fearless….until I mention the ‘B’ word. He runs and hides as soon as I say the word ‘bath’. He can’t take it. This little dude will fight big ass spiders and dogs twice his size but as soon as I turn the water on he’s gone!

4. He recently had a near death experience. He jumped from a moving car on a busy road. I nearly had a stroke! I don’t think he was suicidal, I think it was a cry for attention.

5. He’s my best friend. He is loyal, smart and wonderful. He’s always happy to see me. It’s so nice to come home from work and seeing him jump with excitement.

6. He worships the ground I walk on. Well, maybe not worship, but he definitely sniffs and investigates every move I make.

7. He gets mad when I pet other dogs.

8. He is insanely jealous of the cat. She doesn’t care. She doesn’t like him anyway….but he loves to mess with her.

9. He’s a boob man.