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9 Things You Should Know About My Dog But Probably Don’t


1. He is an addict. He has to eat all of the cat food after he finishes eating his. He can’t help himself. He sneaks out and goes for it as soon as my attention is elsewhere.

2. He shares my personality. He is antisocial and trusts no one until he gets to know them. He’s a chip off the old block.

3. He is fearless….until I mention the ‘B’ word. He runs and hides as soon as I say the word ‘bath’. He can’t take it. This little dude will fight big ass spiders and dogs twice his size but as soon as I turn the water on he’s gone!

4. He recently had a near death experience. He jumped from a moving car on a busy road. I nearly had a stroke! I don’t think he was suicidal, I think it was a cry for attention.

5. He’s my best friend. He is loyal, smart and wonderful. He’s always happy to see me. It’s so nice to come home from work and seeing him jump with excitement.

6. He worships the ground I walk on. Well, maybe not worship, but he definitely sniffs and investigates every move I make.

7. He gets mad when I pet other dogs.

8. He is insanely jealous of the cat. She doesn’t care. She doesn’t like him anyway….but he loves to mess with her.

9. He’s a boob man.


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