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Long Road

I was going to do an audioboo but decided to actually write. I Can’t wait until I can actually sit and type this out on a keyboard rather than on my phone. That day is coming soon I hope.
Today was moving day. With that brought so many different thoughts and emotions. I’m torn between pride and mourning. I’m so proud that I’m able to take care if myself and get by. I can pay for all of this without any help and I’m thrilled. I’m so damn sad for the reasons that I had to move. This split-up wasn’t a choice that either of us made but what’s is going to happen. It sucks but it is what it is. I’m afraid of what life will be like by myself. I’m used to Rhonda always being there beside me. My big bed will be awfully lonely. I’ll have to adjust but it’s not going to be easy. It’s a long, sad road I’m about to embark on. I’m going to be okay though. I’m determined not to live in misery.


One response to “Long Road

  1. That’s a great attitude to have, and I think blogging is a great outlet as well. It helps you connect with others without the commitment that you may not be emotionally ready for. Keep posting and I’ll keep reading.

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