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My Road Trip Wrestling Family

when you pay $80 for second row tickets this is the last thing you want to sit in front of you!

I love road trips with my friends. The things I have seen and the ‘people’ I have met will stay with me for eternity. Whenever we go to a Wrestling show, we always have a blast. It’s usually filled with laughter!

Wrestling Family

           This group kind of rotates. I never know for sure who will be going. There are always two of us who go every time. Kevin and I have been going to shows for the better part of five years. We used to keep track of when and where we went, but after a while, we quit counting. To the more mainstream shows, Kristen usually tags along. We have a love/hate relationship and we always have a blast. Even if it’s me teasing her and her beating my ass. Richie was added to the ranks a few years ago. We (Kevin, Rich and I) hit it off as soon as we all discovered that we have a common love of professional wrestling. Other people who have attended our shows are Rhonda, Millie, Anthony, Petey and many more. No matter who goes hilarity ensures.

Here are a few of my favorite memories:

  • The six-toed lady hillbilly lady who couldn’t get names right but couldn’t help but yell out at the top of her lungs.
  • The crazy couple that I offended and they were waiting for us in the parking lot.
  • Nearly choking Rhonda for locking my car keys in the trunk when we were a state away from my spare key.
  • The Porkarican man insulting latino people. (I think this story will get its own post!)
  • A large gentleman sitting in front of Kevin breaking his chair and landing on Kevin’s foot….three times.

with Jim Cornette… I believe he asked “what the fuck is that on your phone?”




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