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8 Things I Won’t Miss If The World Ends Friday


1.First of the Month- I work in Retail. Grocery Retail. And I work in the part of town that has a lot of government assistance customers. They get the bulk of their benefits the first of the month. Sweet Jesus, it gets crazy! The first ten days of the month wear me down! It’s like getting ran over by a train over and over again….. for ten days.

2.Accidentally hitting the email icon on my iPhone- This may be the most horrible thing I could possibly do on my phone. I don’t check it often… never. So if I hit the button it searches for any unread messages. With the amount of junk emails I get, this number gets pretty high. It makes me crazy to see that I have messages, so I feel the need to go through all of these emails. It takes hours

3.Snow– I don’t think this needs much explanation. It’s not the actual snow I hate. It’s how the public reacts in my grocery store. I think the weather people and the grocery people are in cahoots.

4.Justin Bieber- nuff said.

5.Wal-Mart- even walking into that building pisses me off. The associates are unfriendly and they never have any check lanes open. Our Wal-Mart had like 25 lanes and they only ever have 4 open. It doesn’t matter what time it is or how busy it is. Plus, the cashier are SLOW!

6.Facebook game requests- Okay, I will admit it. I play a few games on Facebook. Two really. I don’t mind getting or send those requests. But if I don’t send you a game request for a certain game then I don’t want to play it. Fuck you and your flowers. I don’t care if all of your crops die and you cow starves to death, I don’t want to play that fucking game!

7.People Who Spell There, Their and They’re Wrong- It’s not that hard. Really, people?

8.When Someone Sends You A Text and You Reply and They Don’t Text Back For Hours- This is a huge pet peeve for me. If you take the time to bother me, why would you not wait to send me a reply? That is truly annoying to me.

So, what can you add to my list?


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