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Childhood Memories Come to Life

Sometimes, things just work out perfectly, like God planned it all out for you. I had one of those moments earlier this summer. Growing up, my Mom was a big fan of Wynonna Judd. I can remember getting off of the school bus and walking up to the house. Many days you would hear ‘No One Else on Earth’ blaring in the house. When I hear this I knew that Mom was cleaning and doing her signature dance through the house. It’s just one of those childhood memories that have stuck with me.

Erin and Chelsea posing by the Wynonna promo poster outside of the concert.

Flash Forward about 15 years: It’s July 2012 and Mom has been gone nearly 2 years. We all (my sisters and Grandma) still struggle daily with her passing. My younger sister Chelsea worked at Hoosier Park Racing and Casino. Every summer they have a ‘Summer Concert Series’ and of course I notice that Wynonna is one of the headliners. Immediately, we decide we are going. My sister, being the pimp that she is, scores us 4 tickets to go. One for me, Chelsea, my older sister Erin and my Grandma. They weren’t great seats but I wasn’t going to complain. We really wanted to go because we knew Mom would have been all over this.

The view from our seats.

In the days leading up to the show I started doing some Wynonna research. I learned that she has a VIP Twitter contest before every show. You tweet your seat location and she picks 4 people to give 2 front row seats and VIP meet and greet. Well, in a stroke of crazy luck, I won 2 tickets. I decided that I was going to use the two tickets on myself and my younger sister since she was the one who scored us the tickets in the first place. So, I am at home, getting ready for the concert when I decide to check Wynonna’s twitter. Crazy enough, Chelsea also won 2 VIP tickets! When we went to pick up the tickets we found out that all four tickets were right next to each other.

We got to meet Wynonna but we were all a little too shy to say much to her. We were lucky to be able to take our picture with her. The show was amazing and I must admit that she is a very talented singer. She was down to Earth and the show was very intimate. We could really feel Mom there with us.

It was one of the greatest days of my life and I feel like we were meant to be there. How else do you explain but of us winning the VIP tickets. It was a special day that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I will forever be grateful for the experience.


2 responses to “Childhood Memories Come to Life

  1. Dave ⋅

    Awesome story Josh and I agree 100 percent that this was one of those predestined defining moments in life! Strange how the way God works to heal our hearts!!! Thanks for sharing this with others!

  2. That is a beautiful memory! What a good son you are.

    As a mother myself, I can tell you she is beyond proud of you and is smiling down at you all. Your mother must have been quite a woman, Josh.

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