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Random Ramblings #5

– So far, this summer, my best days have been laying in or around the pool.

– The week back, after vacation, fucking sucked. The things I had to deal with can not be put into words. Hmm, maybe I will try. But not here! These stories deserve their own blog!

– I just spent the day watching the entire fourth season of True Blood. Great show, but I did like the books a lot more than the series.

– Bitterness doesn’t suit me. I’ll let things go and move on with my life. That being said, I will learn and never make those mistakes again. No one is worth it.

– I keep hoping that I’ll win the lottery. It’s not going well though. You’ll know when I hit because you motherfuckers will never hear from me again lol just kidding.

– I’m not a mouse but I’m not a cat either.

– Ever just feel like wrecking shit? I know I do….. All the time.

– I’m out of shit to say. This isn’t like me! It’s usually impossible to shut me up.

– I learned, this week, that my cat shares my fear of spiders. One dropped on her head and she flipped out. I couldn’t attempt to save her. All I could say was ‘take the cat, spare me!’

– In the end, my 6lb Min Pin saved the day. He ate the spider and saved me and the pussy cat ( you see what I just did there?) both!

– What if that spider had been poisonous you ask? Well, in that case, the dog would have been taking one for the team.


One response to “Random Ramblings #5

  1. Love reading what’s going on inside your head! I watch True Blood myself but haven’t got around to reading the books yet. Your dog is a hero.

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