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Weekend Wrap Up 5-28-12


1. Loud, awesome music makes me speed while I’m driving. A little ‘Beautiful People’ from Marilyn Manson and I’m hauling ass. I can’t help it!

2. I’d rather have a bottle on front of me than a frontal lobotomy. (My favorite teacher always said that. I find it to be true though.)

3. It feels like summer. It’s amazing. Unfortunately, people are dressing like its summer. Meaning: Less cloth more ass. Yikes.

4. I’m always amazed by people and their closed minds. I had an idiot call me a ‘Fat Mexican’. Ok, first off. I’m not fat. I’m not even over weight. I’m just under tall. Secondly, I’m proud of my hispanic heritage. I’m sorry if you think calling me an ethnicity is insulting. It shows how ignorant you are.

5. Flying out of a golf cart isn’t as fun as it sounds. I found out the hard way……Thanks Millie.

6. I plan on being a dark brown color by the end of my vacation. It’s gonna happen!


2 responses to “Weekend Wrap Up 5-28-12

  1. #6….me, too! Well, by the end of summer anyway.

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