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Phone Calls


I have had some weird phone conversations while working retail. People never surprise me with how crazy they are. I’ve been on dozen crazy calls but here are some of the mist fucked up:

Number One
Me: Good afternoon. Thank you for calling (business name) can I help you?

Caller: Do you sell camelopes?

Me: Do we sell what?

Caller: Camelopes.

Me: (thinking WTF) ummm….we sell cantaloupes.

Caller: yeah, Camelopes. Thanks.

Number Two

Me: (standard greeting)

Caller: Yes, I don’t get my food stamps until after midnight. Can I come in now and shop and ya’ll charge me tomorrow?

Me: No

Number Three

Me: (standard greeting)

Caller: Yes, what do you have on sale this week?

Me: uhh… As far as what?

Caller: What do you have on sale this week? Ya know, groceries.

Me: You should have gotten an ad in the mail. We have several things on sale. I can’t tell them all.

Caller: why not? Thats your job, right? You work in customer service.

Me: I can tell you if a certain product is on sale but I’m not reading the whole ad to you.

Caller: I’ll just shop somewhere else.



One response to “Phone Calls

  1. OMG…That is ridiculous! There’s a dude you should follow who has a similar blog idea, but it’s more like a practical joke in the workplace on people like that.

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