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Shameless People

People disgust me. Some have no pride but others have no shame. I’m amazed at home some people leave their houses. They look like they fell into their closet and were attacked by their clothes. Others look like they are wearing their childrens clothes. I’m gonna give you some examples. Shout out to People Of Walmart for the pictures.

If your boobs hang to your knees you may want to wear a bra. Please spare us!

This lady is the definition of sexy. She would make any man a trophy wife. I wonder how I can get her number?

That’s a lot of ass. Please cove it. Thank you.

Hey! Look! Two double wides!


Please, put some panties on! There are children present. They should put her next to the condom case. She is better birth control than anything they could ever sell!

Ok guys. Thanks for the visit. Come back soon.


One response to “Shameless People

  1. Wow…that’s a hell of a way for me to wake up and start the new year! Thanks for that. It’ll make sticking to my diet much easier.

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