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How do you let go?


How do you let go if everything you’ve know for the past 4 years? I don’t know that answer, but I must learn. My girlfriend, Rhonda, of 4+ years and I are moving on. It’s not a break up for real. It’s just whats next for us in our individual lives. She is moving out of state. I am staying here. I won’t go in to detail here but I will say that I totally understand her decision. I’m not mad at her. I am sad, though. She and I went through hell together. We have been there for each other every step of the way. She is the first non-relative that I get close to me and mean something to me. I learned to be more that of myself. I learned companionship and teamwork. But more than us, I gained a family. She has two children that I love beyond words. These boys are amazing. They have taught me so much and I taught them. I have had so much fun just hanging out with them. And I’m going to miss them. As sad as I am that my relationship is over, I’m more sad about losing the kids. This family has been my life for 4 years. I don’t know how to let that go. So many things are going through my head with this whole situation. I just don’t know how to handle all of it. I’ll learn to just be me. I’ll learnt be alone (at least at first). I’ll get by, but ill think of them every day. I hope they don’t forget me.



2 responses to “How do you let go?

  1. Jon Hunter ⋅

    Im sorry Josh. I know you and Rhonda are a great couple and it was nice to meet you both. As long you guys stay in touch the friendship will last forever….

    If you need to talk to someone you can give me a text

  2. Of course I don’t know you personally, but believe me when I say that the time spent with those boys will be remembered and cherished by them forever. As a kid I had a “Josh” in my life that I never forgot. Even though my mother didn’t see him often while I grew up, I kept close with him and he’s family to this day.

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