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Random Ramblings #2

1. Who the fuck decided that fuck should be a bad word. Not just a bad word, but the bad word. WTF?

2. I think a high-school education (or GED) should be required before you are able to start your adult life. Ignorance is one of the saddest epidemics in our country. If basic math (1+1=2) is difficult for you then you shouldn’t be allowed to carry money or purchase anything. Enough said.

3. I hate when people try to talk to me when I’m in a bathroom. I know I’ve blogged about it in the past but I feel the need to repeat myself. Don’t speak to me while I’m peeing. It’s awkward and I don’t like it.

4. I complain a lot. But I’m allowed to.

5. I don’t want to hear you complain.
5 1/2 I’m an asshole. You probably know this already.

6. I’m sick of seeing Christmas already. It’s already being displayed at my job. It’s not even October yet! I hate Christmas (I’ll blog about it soon). I don’t like seeing it already. It’s still 60 fucking degrees out. I don’t think they should put that shit out until first snow fall.

7. #6 reminded me that snow is coming. I hate snow and cold. I’m not cut out for that shit. I’m a Cuban boy and we weren’t genetically designed for cold. I know, I know, I’m fat so the blubber should keep me warm. Wrong!

That’s all for now. I have to get up in a few hours.


5 responses to “Random Ramblings #2

  1. levlar

    You are crazy!!! F is your favorite word, everyday. You use it better than anyone.

  2. 1. Not sure why Fuck is a bad word. Doesn’t keep me from saying it, though.
    (I’ll save #2 until the end)
    4. You complain. I’ll listen.
    5. I’m a cheerleader so I don’t complain. I support.
    6. Fuck Christmas. I want Halloween 24/7
    7. I’m cold no matter when it is or where I am so snow doesn’t really matter to me.

    Now, onto #2:

    Sometimes I think I became a writer because I’m so bad at math. When I was in high school my math teacher confiscated a comic book I was working on in her class, and then started bitching me out, saying that if I was going to make it as a writer I’d need math to know how much I’d be getting paid. She said that in a world without math my words would be useless.

    That’s when I turned to the kid next to me, smiled at him and then asked him to give me 10 dollars. He quickly handed me a twenty instead. I took it from her, waved it in the air and said, “Words beat numbers any day.”

    Yeah, she flunked me.

  3. You said it! I agree with you 100%. But I can’t say fuck because I’m a teacher. It sucks. And it just makes me want to say fuck even more. If it weren’t so damn forbidden, it wouldn’t be so fucking great to say it.

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