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Ten years ago, I was 15 yeas old and a sophomore in high school. I never gave much thought to the world around me. My focus was selfish. I thought only of the things that immediately surrounded me. My biggest fear was fucking up on a test or being late for class. I didn’t know what the World Trade Center was or where it was located. I had never heard of Osama Bin Laden or Al Qaeda. I didn’t know people were capable of such destruction and terror.
The attacks of September 11, 2001 changed all that forever. Suddenly, my mind was exposed to deafening hate and despair. I learned that people out there lived to destroy our way of life. The attacks were so much more than a few planes killing thousands of people. Each death was personal. Someone mourned each victim. The loss of life was astonishing. So many lives were changed forever. Mothers, fathers, siblings, children, friends died. Not only do I hurt for my country, I hurt for the families that were torn apart. It’s mind blowing for me to try to comprehend the magnitude of sorrow that was felt that day.
As sad and tragic that day was, something else happened. The spirit of America rose up in each and every one of us. I’ve always been a proud American but that day made it grow tenfold. I love my country. I love all who defend it. I love those who have given their lives so that I can live the way I do.
I’ll always remember that day. I’ll always remember the people who died trying to help others. I’ll remember the unity and passion of our people.


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  1. levlar

    That day stands out amongst the many memories in my life. Witnessing the event that early morning sent a fear through my bones. A fear not of the planes crashing, but the lives lost and not knowing what’ll happen next. The thought process of individuals 70 floors up faced with blazing fire, an open window, and hope. Sadly; yet, unsurprisingly I saw and understood their decision to “chance” for life at deadly odds than giving up, accepting death and burning. In that same thirst for life, our Firemen/women, police forces, military, and civilians became heroes/sheroes and fought pro-life as lovers of humanity should. . . They say “during adversity both the coward and hero feel the same fear; one runs away thinking of themselves, while the other runs toward thinking of others.” The question then becomes, who are you?

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