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That is disgusting

Working in retail during the summer is crazy. Everyday is a new adventure. You see things that you wish you hadn’t. I have seen more ass this summer than I ever care to. When I say ass, I mean big, flabby and disgusting 300lb girls squeezing into daisy dukes. There should be commercials on tv and radio telling people ‘Just because they make it in your size doesn’t mean you should wear it!’. Oh, I also love it when these big girls wear thongs that hang out of the tiny shorts. I imagine they look like big hula hoops when they put them on.
Another beautiful thing I see is spaghetti strap
tank tops on Sea World escapees. Gross. I dont want to see back boob or side boob. Especially if it isn’t actually boob…’s chub! You are not sexy! We do not want to see your (spoiled)goods.



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