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Google is CRAZY!

I was looking at my blog stats the other day. There is a section where I can see how someone found my blog through their search engines. Basically, if someone found my blog by googling something then I can see what they searched. Some searches are normal but there have been some doozies! Enjoy:

josh sterner- ok not surprising. If someone is looking for my blog but they don’t know the URL then this is a good search.

wordpress josh sterner- again, not surprising

common urinal- I posted once about the urinal and people find me like this!

things people need in their everyday life- interesting. I don’t know how people found me with this!

joshua sterner death- this one is spooky. Sure am glad it wasn’t me!

what cashier do’s and don’t- yeah, I bitched about cashiers once or twice. Not shocking.

i feel that when im peeing in the urinal and theres another guy pooping in the toilet next to me we are kind of making the yin yang symbol- this is my personal favorite one. Who the hell googles that! Weird! Any real man ignores another mans existence in the bathroom!

mens room stall-

joshua sterner toomuch4212- ok? No clue!

gaping asshole- My second favorite! I am an asshole but I’m not a gaping asshole. WTF!

learning from everyday experience – I like this one.

josh sterner friedens, pa – not me but now I know there is another one of me. I hope he is nicer than I am!

you know you work in retail when- good post. You should go read it if you haven’t before!

what is the ying and yang of life- I think this is where the urinal/pooping one came from.


3 responses to “Google is CRAZY!

  1. Troy


    On my old sports blog, I wrote a post back in June 2007 when the basketball player Joakim Noah was drafted to the Bulls. Years later, people were *still* typing in “Joakim Noah milf mother” into search engines to find my blog, as well as “Tim Tebow is a douche”. Good stuff, I say.

  2. Maxim

    I feel like every blogger should have at least one post about these search terms. I get great ones all the time. My favorite recent on is “Jesus Peeing”.

  3. Thanks fellas. I was wowed by what I saw. Some people are warped.

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