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Learning Everyday

Every day is a learning opportunity. I don’t mean learning as in ‘book-smarts’. I mean learning as in personal discovery. There are so many unique experiences that we all have everyday. They all impact you and form your thoughts and actions. I learn from what people say to me or from what I see them do. I see their interactions and their mannerisms. I learn about myself from what they do.

Sometimes I see my flaws by seeing other people. I see their patience and I think about my hot-headedness. I see their control and I think about my lack of an internal filter. I see all the things in people that I don’t have. I see what I need to work on. Life is a project that needs constant attention and adjustment. You’ve got to tweak the small things.

I sometimes wonder what impact I am making. Can my hot head be construed as a strength that people respect? Is my free-mouth something someone wishes they can do? I don’t know. I hope so. I like to think that I do make a difference; that I can help someone learn something about themselves.


One response to “Learning Everyday

  1. true. life is a constant learning experience and don’t worry, you are making a difference simply by posting your thoughts. i don’t know you but reading about your thoughts, i know that there’s at least one other person out there who thinks the same as me because the stuff you wonder about on your last paragraph are the same things i wonder about every single day.

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