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Random Ramblings

* I think the customers at work are training me for deep sea diving. They smell and I’ve learned to hold my breath while checking them out. I can now hold my breath through a whole $250 order.

* I think I am my own worst enemy. At least once a day I accidentally hurt myself.

* There is no ‘R’ in Wash!

* I need to go back to church. I need more spiritualism in my life. (thank God for spellcheck)

* I’m jealous of a friend. I like the way he writes and I wish I had that ability. I can’t form stories in my head. I can bust out a blog with ease but I don’t make this shit up. It’s all real. It’d be nice to be that creative.

* As hard as life gets, I am still able to appreciate the things in life that I have. No matter what happens, some one has it’s far worse than I do.

* Its almost time for my vacation! I need a break from the public! I wish I were going somewhere. Next year will be different. I need a beach.

* A Full Moon makes working retail crazy!

* I’m addicted to stand up comedy. I love it. Pandora Radio has a comedy station and that’s all I listen to anymore. I get especially excited to hear George Carlin and Richard Pryor. True geniuses!


2 responses to “Random Ramblings

  1. levlar

    Bullet point 1: Classic. Pure funny – and one has to either work in retail, or have purchased $250 worth of product in order to get the joke in it’s entirety. Quite frankly, many would become self employed by turning your idea into reality. . . $$$

  2. @levlar- thanks for stopping by again! I truly appreciate it! Post something new so I can return the favor!!

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