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You Know You Work In Retail When…..


1. You have no idea what a weekend is.

2. You have worked 10 days in a row without getting overtime (because you worked the last 5 days of one week and the first 5 days of the next!)

3. You have had one shift end less than 8 hours before the next one started.

4. On your days off, you spend most of the time at home, hiding away from the human race.

5. Two days off in a row is a vacation.

6. You don’t know what the “work week” or “nine to five” mean.

7. You frequently have nightmares about customers.

8. You have woken up in the middle of the night trying to scan the barcode on your blanket.

9. Your lottery numbers are produce codes.

10. You hate people.

11. You feel like drinking before you go to work

12. You face all the can goods in your cupboard.

13. You pick up things off the floor in another store and your a customer.

Anything you can add?



5 responses to “You Know You Work In Retail When…..

  1. Been there done that.. Had nightmares of the UPS guy backing into the backdoor to dump off hundreds of boxes for the seasonal inventory because I was the one who had to check it all in, price it and then put it all out for sale.

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  4. britt ⋅

    you know you work retail when you are tempted to walk in and out of another store just to mess with their conversion

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