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My Time

Captains Log
Star Date 2011.06.23
Location: In Captains Quarters

It’s currently 12:36am. I like this time of night. It’s relaxing. It’s quiet. Everyone else is asleep here. It’s my time. All to myself. I even put the dog to bed. This is my nightly routine. Just me, all alone, to relax and reflect. This is my time to get lost in my own thoughts.

Usually, I just enjoy the quiet for a while. I may play a few video games or watch some tv. I may listen to a podcast, but the part I like best is that I do whatever it is I want. I love it.

Unfortunately, I bore easily. Sometimes I get tired of myself and my thoughts. Then I start browsing the web. I usually start here. Then I end up here.

Enjoy the links. They always bring a smile to my face.


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