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Big Heads, Small Confidence


‘Conceit is God’s gift to little men.’
~Bruce Barton~

When you accomplish something it’s great to be proud. When you excel or reach goals a little pat on the back is okay. There is a difference between pride and conceit. Being proud is natural. Pride is that little fuzzy feeling you get when you do right. Conceit it that evil, mean feeling others get when you are kissing your own ass.

People who constantly promote themselves make me crazy. People who seek out the approval of others about bragging about themselves is sickening. I don’t understand conceit. I was raised to please myself, not others. I couldn’t imagine promoting myself or skills to everyone who will listen. I’d rather show them the results.

If you are truly as remarkable as you say you are then your actions will speak volumes more than your words ever will. Remember that. It could save you from looking like an asshole.


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