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Annoying People Part 1


I think we all have THAT friend. That one person in your life that you can’t stand but you are always nice to. That person that thinks you are the best of friends but you’d rather pull your face off than talk to them for five minutes. You know what I mean. Seriously, take a moment and reflect on this. I’d bet my last dollar that I’m right and you’ve experienced this.

In high school I had that friend. He thought I was doctor Phil and I wanted to listen to his petty problems. ‘I got grounded’ ‘I failed math’. I don’t give a shit!!!! But I never said it. As mean as I pretend I am, I don’t want to be mean for no reason. So, I would sit there, pretend to listen and nod when it seemed appropriate. I’m the one to suffer.

After I graduated I was lucky enough to make another one of THOSE friends. He’d call when he needed something. He’d ask to borrow my last $10 dollars. He’d want to have me take him to lunch. He would call or text and only talk about himself. Now, I’m not stuck in myself but I hate a one sided conversation. It makes me crazy. I’d want to ask, ‘What makes you think you are so damned important that I would want to talk about you for a freaking hour!!!’ I never would and I suffered.

I get a job and I’m surrounded by people I don’t like. I go through the motions and chit chat with them. It’s not everyone, it’s a select few. I sit and listen to them in the breakroom. I remember one time I was playing on my phone and one of the ladies was going on and in for a good 10 minutes. I suddenly heard silence so I look up to see what was up. big mistake. There she is, staring at me, waiting for a reply. I nodded and said ‘uh-huh’ and that was sufficient for her. Thank God. I had no idea she was talking to me. I had no idea what she was talking about. Unfortunately, my good buddy Kevin noticed. We had a great laugh and still joke about it today. Even to this day, I cringe when this lady walks into the same room as I’m in. I don’t give a shit about anything she has to say.

I have a lot more to say on this subject but I’m flipping tired. I’m going go bed!


One response to “Annoying People Part 1

  1. bork883 ⋅

    Soooooo true!!!!!! Lol. And after 23 yrs with krogers, i no longer go to the dreaded “breakroom” bc of this very reason!!!

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