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Adventure of a Cat

About a month ago my cat, Louie, disappeared. 20110415-022533.jpg

He had been in and out of the house for weeks. He would go out, scare off the other cats and come back home. He was always asleep on the couch when we got up in the morning. One day, he never came home. For the first week we searched. I drove around, walked the neighborhood but he was nowhere to be found. Rhonda was devastated. Louie was her baby. He had a love for her that I’ve never seen from a cat.
Fast forward a month, I get a phone call. It was a lady from Mt. Pleasant telling me she found a cat. She described him to me and we were out the door. When the nice lady, Suzie, pulled up to our meeting place, I was still expecting her to be wrong. when she showed him to us we were so happy. He looked like crap but it was him. He’d been through hell but he came out of it alive and headed home. I’m happy he’s okay. I’m glad Rhonda was so adamant about buying him a personalized collar. That was smart. Without that he wouldn’t have made it home.


That’s one hell of a journey for a house cat. I can’t imagine what he went through. I wish he could talk so he could tell us the tale. I’m sure it’s exciting and nuts. But I’ll just sit back with him asleep and be glad he’s back.


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