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My Morning Fix


I am a creature of habit. I like to put tasks in order and do them…the same way…..every-time(wow, that makes me sound OCD). This is true un many aspects of my day. Let me just show you exactly what I do before I even roll out of bed. It’s the same every day, even if I’m running late:

1. Grab my phone off off the bedside table.

2. Check my email (I love my iPhone).

3. Check Facebook. I like to see what people, besides me, post in the early morning hours.

2 I go to the msnbc website. I need to be informed!

3. Off to I like to check the dirt and gossip in the wrestling world.

4. TMZ in up next. I go here because I want to see what stupid thing Lindsay Lohan did next.

5. I love this blog. I don’t know how I came across it but I visit everyday. I wish I had it in me to post as much as this dude does.

In closing, I’m weird! I can’t help myself though, I was born this way.


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