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I don’t know why we are put on this earth. I won’t pretend to know it. But I do know that one of our jobs are to raise the next generation. Now I may not have children that I physically made but I do have two little boys in my life that I love like my own.

I may not be their Daddy but I’m so proud to be their Pa. (hey, that’s what they call me. Makes me laugh). There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for them. I’m glad that I’ve been able to make an impact on their lives. They have been with me fir almost 4 years and it amazes me to see how much they are like me sometimes. Nicholas enjoys just spending time with me and playing games. Gryffin does too but he’s developed my smart ass mouth. He witty and I love it. the things that come out of his mouth seriously cracks me up! I’m so lucky to have there kids in my life. They make my life better. They make me better. I’m honored to be their Pa.


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