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Big Fat Loser

Ok, I’ve failed. I’m a big fat loser, I admit it. The 30 photo challenge was a bust. I just didn’t care enough to commit to it. Honestly, most of you are my Facebook friends, so you already see my pictures. Does the challenge even matter? Nope! Now it’s time to get back to my real blogging! No more of this picture bs. It was just a a way to fill in some posts. But it’s over, no more crap!


2 responses to “Big Fat Loser

  1. sylvia ⋅

    You’re not a big fat loser. I tried the picture thing too. . . only one of my FB friends looked every day. Just think it’s not the thing for us. We need to keep writing. . .and not give a flying crap if anyone reads it. Do it for ourselves!!

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