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I really appreciate all of my family and friends who read my blog. I can’t believe I’ve had over 1,000 hits! It amazes me that people find me interesting enough to come back. Thanks!

I understand balance in the universe. If there is an up there must be a down. For right to exist, wrong must too. If good is real, so is evil. I don’t know about Ying and Yang, but I know there are two sides to everything. A balance.
This also leads me to believe in karma. If I do good things in my life, good things will happen. If I’m mean and evil, bad things will happen. Do I believe that if I’m good or bad ONLY good or bad things will happen? No! I believe life is a big mix of things and eventually all my good will catch up to me. That’s what I am waiting for now. I am ready for good things. Not superficial things. I want peace and happiness. I want calm for my family. It’s time. We’ve all struggled over the past 6 months. Even through it all we have stayed positive. We’ve made the best of awful situations. We keep going and keep our faith. I believe we will get our ‘good things’ soon.


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