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Why i feel this way about Christmas

I’ve been really racking my brain trying to decide what I want to talk about. Since today is Christmas I think I will talk about why I’m not a fan of Christmas. It’s not because of some terrible childhood event. I always got gifts. I was raised to enjoy it but I just haven’t in years.

Obviously, this year I really hate Christmas this year. Some of my fondest memories are of Christmas. It was always fun and my Mom loved it. She couldn’t always afford a lot but she always made sure it felt special. I really do love each Christmas memory I have as a kid.

I think I really started to dislike it when I was in my late teens. I started to see what Christmas has become. It’s supposed to be about family and friends. It’s suppose to be about our savior. It’s suppose to be about doing good for others. Buts it’s not that at all anymore. It’s about greed and commercialism. Businesses don’t give a shit about the holiday. All they care about is money. They just want to drive sales and pull in as many customers as possible. It just makes me sad. I don’t understand it!

I’ve also begun to hate it because of the lack of religion we all choose. A Christmas Tree is a Christmas Tree. Not a damn Holiday Tree. It’s ‘Merry Christmas’ not ‘Enjoy the holiday.’ I don’t wish to push my religion on anyone but, frankly, if you don’t believe in Christ then don’t celebrate the day. It wad created as a religious holiday and it should stay that way.

Working retail has not help my loathing of this time of year. Around Christmas time people are suppose to be kind and jolly. In retail you figure out people are actually mean and vile. As December 25th gets closer people get nastier. I don’t understand that. Why treat strangers, who are helping you, like shit? Does it make you feel good about yourself? This is a serious question! I’m dying to know.

Thanks for reading the blog. Sorry to bitch so much but I actually feel better!

Merry Christmas


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