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The Plan

I know I’ve talked about this in the past I’m for real this time. I need to start taking steps for my future. I need to get healthy (or more healthy). I need to think of my career. I need to plan for 30 years from now. I’m not old but at the same time I’m not getting any younger!
I’m a believer in planning. I’ve made 5-year plans in the past. Did I always follow that plan? No. Have I achieved results from planning ahead? Yes. I like to think that I am true to myself. That I do what I say I’ll do. Most of tge time this us true. But from time to time things slip by me before I can react.

I’ve been working on my 5-year plan lately. I’ll tell you parts of it but not all.

1. Get in shape- I want to get healthy. I want to ensure that I will be here in 24 more years (more than that hopefully).

2. Live the life- I’m 24. If I die at 48 I’m already passed mid life! I am NOT living to my potential. There is do much more to me than I let out. I’m not happy doing the same thing everyday, every week or every month. Just getting by isn’t enough. I believe we were put on earth to live and enjoy life. I’m not unhappy with my life but I want more. I need to stop settling for what IS and start looking for what MORE there is.

3. Define my career- as much as I live my job, is this what I want to do with my life? The answer is no. I want more. And with Kroger there is more. You can move up the ranks if you really want to do that. I’ve come a long way over the last 6 years. I’m going to go much further. I need to go to school, get a degree and see what opportunities there are out there for me. It may be with Kroger and it may not be. I will say that I love my Pay Less family. I’ll be thankful for them for life. Even thre thought of leaving makes me sad.

Those three things are just small pieces of tge ‘plan’. Now I need to aak myself how I get this plan moving. One thing at a time!


2 responses to “The Plan

  1. Joshua,
    I loved your post!! You are a GREAT young man and I love you, You are well on your way to becoming what, and who you want to be, Your heading in the right direction, and taking one step and one day at a time. I thank God that I am apart of your life ,and I get to watch your amazing journey at becoming the Awesome person that you want to be. I Love you Joshua Aunt Tina

  2. Cheryl ⋅

    Josh, this is such an inspiring post…you make me want to do more with my life. I know I’m not 24 anymore, but hey, close enough!!! Lol!!! Please keep those wheels turning in that pretty curly haired head of yours & I’d love to hear what you might be thinking to do when you get that degree!!! As for getting healthy, the mediterranean diet is the absolute best!!! I have been eating that way for years because I have no insurance & decided I’d better take good care of my self even if it cost more to eat healthy it pays off…I hope so anyhow!!! I will share this with you too about greiving: taking a trip to Italy was the best medicine for me after my Dad passed away that I could have ever done. I think when we loose someone that is always there for us the thing that hurts is being afraid of what our tomarrows are going to be like or how can we get by in this world without them!! It’s that big fear that you will never feel that kind of love again…but I think by going to Italy & seeing, feeling so much love from total strangers (the italians are so loving & love life!!!) and being there by myself forced me to communicate with total strangers, but I realized in me was that love that my Dad had gave me, and that he is always with me…Your mom is always with you & you will be fine. It will take time, but cry those tears, talk to her….and more than anything (I know you know what she would tell you) listen to what she is telling you. Don’t forget to look up in the sky & find your stars that are hugs from your mom!

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