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I haven’t posted anything here lately. I just haven’t had a whole lot to say.

I feel off balance.

Things are great at home. Rhonda and I are back together. I’ve had a lot of fun with the kiddos. We are doing great. On the opposite end, I’m so down with my job. I work hard and things never change. It’s stale. It’s difficult. Thing seem to get harder everyday! I have goals for myself at work, but I’m starting to realize these goals aren’t achievable with current conditions. It’s left me feeling down and just plain tired. This lack of hope has just drained all of the passion out if what I do. I just don’t give a shit anymore. This leads me to my next problem, I’m comfortable at my job. I’ve been there for nearly six years. It’s my first job. I’m afraid to leave what I know. I don’t want to start back on the bottom. I’ve worked hard to be where I am.

Why does it seem like when one thing is going good the other one has to suck? I need a balance. I need harmony in my mind. Chaos make me crazy. I just need to think of a way to find the harmony. I’m sure I’ll figure it out.


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