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Crazy Old Man

Let me paint this picture so you can really see what’s going on here. The man in this story is about 75 years old, poverty stricken, smelly and not all there. He comes into the store 4 or 5 times a week to keep cool, but he bothers the customers. He hands out church pamphlets and yells at people if they don’t want one. Well yesterday he was sitting on the bench just inside of our store and he is stopping people as they leave the checklanes. I just happened to notice and I approached him.

Me: I’m sorry sir, but I’m going to have to ask you to stop doing that.

Old Man: Doing what?

Me: Bothering our customers. Look, I love Jesus but we can’t have people soliciting in our store. I don’t mind if you come in to cool off but if you continue to bother people I’m going to have to send you on your way.

Old Man: Oh, okay. So what are you going to do when you die, and go to heaven and God looks at you and says ‘ I’m going to have to send you on your way to Hell.’

Me (kind of freaked out): um….just stop bothering the customers.

I was kind of mad that he would say that. I don’t feel like I deserve Hell because I was looking out for the customers. I believe in the right to witness but there are places that are better to witness than the grocery store. That, and the old man shouldn’t judge people he doesn’t know. Any way, I thought this was kind of funny and I wanted to share!


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