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Quirks (and other things that make me…me)

Here is a list of things about me that you may not know:

  • I have a big mouth and I’m not afraid to use it! I come by it honestly. My family is not known for holding anything in. This tends to get me into trouble though.
  • Music makes my day easier. I love all music. My all time favorite artist is Mariah Carey.
  • I am terrified of Spiders and Snakes. Both will make me scream like a girl and run like the wind. Can you imagine a spider riding a snake coming to get you…..*shudder*
  • I am a huge pro wrestling fan. I can remember the date and the match that got me hooked. June 28th 1998 (WWE King of the Ring) Undertaker Vrs Mankind.
  • I prefer when things end in even numbers. I also count everything. I guess I have a touch of OCD.
  • I can’t sleep in a room with an open closet.
  • My feet can not hang off of the bed at night.
  • I can not go #2 in public restrooms. I have to be home, in my bathroom.
  • I have to #2 in the buff. I can’t be wearing a stitch.
  • I am afraid of heights but I love tall rollercoasters.
  • While driving, I hold my seatbelt when I am nervous.
  • Peas make me sick.

That is just the short list. I wonder what kind of quirks my friends and family have that I do not know about.


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