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My ‘public’ Rant

I have this reoccurring theme pop up a lot in my life. It’s called entitlement. Dealing with the public, you start to see what people think they are entitled to. The majority of my customers think we owe them the world. They believe that the world was created to cater to them. I’ve got news for them: it is not my job to kiss your ass. I do not owe you anything. You are not better than me because I work at a grocery store. Most of you are paying with food-stamps, so really, I am paying for your groceries. Now I’m not bashing those who need food-stamps, I’m bashing those who abuse the system and breed for a living. I refuse to allow you to treat me like a piece of trash because I work at a grocery store. At least I am working! I will not listen to you bitch about the type of bread you can get on WIC. It’s all labeled for you, so read the signs and learn what you can get! When you act like an ass it makes you look stupid. Grow up, get a job, pay for your groceries and shut the hell up! I’m tired of kissing your ass. Our system is broken and those who act like fools do not deserve the benefits they receive. The state should monitor what these people are buying. It’s ridiculous that you get $1000 in food-stamps and you spend $600 of it on pop and candy. You should have a limit on what junk food you can buy. Sorry to go off on a tangent but I needed to say that!


One response to “My ‘public’ Rant

  1. Karl Judy

    I am so grateful for your article.Really thank you! Wonderful.

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