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When I Feel Frustrated

Let’s face it. We all get frustrated. We all get upset. We all get mad. I was frustrated looking for a good post to write, then it clicked. Why not talk about dealing with frustrated (btw it frustrates me when people pronounce it ‘fustrate’, there is an ‘R’ in the beginning!). Some people drink. Some people smoke. Some people go on walks. For me, I turn on my xbox! That is seriously one good way to relax me. I love playing a WW game and kicking some ass. I love turning on GTA 4 and running that city! Like books, it’s a way for me to escape reality and get lost into something else. You don’t have to think about your job when you are being chased by zombies! You can’t think about your relationship when your on the last lap of a race. It pushes everything to the back and you are free.

Other ways I cope with frustration is with a DVD. I have a ton of them. It’s nice ti watch an action movie when you want to relax.

What way do you deal with frustration?


One response to “When I Feel Frustrated

  1. Jake James ⋅

    For me, my guitar is my outlet. I need it like I need oxygen to breathe. So that and a pen and paper and I can travel anywhere!

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