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I’ve got goals. I have things I want to do and things I want to accomplish. Not so much want as I will accomplish. I think you need to have goals. They keep you on track and keep you fighting, even when things get rough.

Let’s start with the short term goals:
1. Man up and start seriously looking for a place to move. I have several ideas, but nothing I’ve actually looked into.

2. Start gathering my things to prepare to move.

3. Decide on a temporary place to stay. I have several offers, especially my Mom. I just don’t want to be a burden or be in anyones way. Once I’m moved out it won’t take me very long to save up for a deposit on an apartment. I figure I will be staying for someone for about a month to six weeks.

4. Get back on my Zoloft and Topomax. I feel better when I’m taking my meds.

Long term goals:
1. Start taking better care if myself. I still may be young but I need to get myself as healthy as possible. It will make me feel better and help me as I get older. I’m not going to be in my twenties.

2. Get myself out if debt. It’s not like I owe thousands of dollars but I don’t like to owe anyone.

I guess those are my really important goals. Those are the things that I really need to work on asap.

What goals do you have?


One response to “Goals!!!

  1. jen ⋅

    finish my masters before I’m 30.

    Love the blog, man.

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