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Things I Learned This Week

  1. I really don’t like the public. I don’t think it is the whole public, just the rude ones who shop at my store. Just because I work at a grocery store doesn’t make you better than me. I probably make more money than you anyway.
  2. Although I just had a vacation a few weeks ago, I really need another one.
  3. I learned I drag my feet when I am afraid to do something.
  4. The only person you can truly count on is yourself.
  5. Did I mention that I need a vacation?
  6. I really want to swim at my grandmas!
  7. I have really great friends. Thank you Sylvia, Bob and Anthony!


2 responses to “Things I Learned This Week

  1. Bob Jones ⋅

    I agree with you about our customers; the rude ones I can deal with. I have dealt with them all my career. It’s the stupid ones that drive me insane. I have never felt like an extemely intelligent man. Moderate intelligence yes. But not a genius. Can they really be that bad? Can they really NOT take care of the slightest little thing? I feel like I am held to such a high standard and I achieve; hell, sometimes even excell. Is it because they are allowed such a low level that they are capable of so little? That’s what drives me crazy!

    I gree with you. We all need a vacation. Too bad there’s no money for vacation. I have so many things I want to see; so many things I want to do. And no means to do/see them.

    But it’s having friends like you that keep me going. I enjoy talking to you; and giving you a hard time. It’s fun to hear what you think and how you deal with things. It keeps me from feeling that i’m the only one these things happen to.

    • Bob it’s always nice talking to you. You are someone I know I can have a good conversation with and even disagree with but still have fun doing it. Your a great guy.

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