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Mean Steak

Interesting name for a blog, I know. The Mean Streak is a coaster I rode yesterday, but the name got me to thinking. We all have a mean streak but how many of us own up to it? I know I can be a pain in the rear. I embrace it lol. I have a tendency to be mean when I’ve had a bad day. I know when I’m in a bad mood everyone can see it on my face and many people hope to avoid me. I also have a way of saying what is on my mind. I was raised to be who I am and just say what is on my mind. It’s a curse and a blessing. It’s a curse because I can be hurtful with what’s on my mind. It’s a blessing because I have to carry very little inside. It’s all out in the open most of the time. I do, at times, regret some of what I say. I don’t always apologize for the hurtful things I’ve said enough. I don’t always mean all that I say but I do have the need to get it out. I don’t like to hold ‘ugly’ in. If I hold it in it makes me feel terrible. So, let me say this, I’m sorry for all the hurtful things that I said but didn’t necessarily mean.

I’m not overly proud of my mean streak but it’s a part of who I am. I can’t apologize for being myself. I can’t change that part of me. It’s one of those qualities that makes Me Josh.

Oh, happy birthday to me!


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