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The Turds

I absolutely love these little guys. They’ve been ao much to me these past three years. They can be so much fun. They make me smile. They brighten my day when I’m feeling lousy. They are the best. I don’t really know how I’m gonna BE with out seeing them as much.

They are such special children. They are so funny and loving. I know they love me. I hope they know I love them. They are my little buddies. I hate that my choices my hurt them. I never want them to hurt or feel sad. They deserve the best in the world. I’m proud to be their Pa, it makes me happy when I hear those words.

I know, reguardless of how thing turn out, they will always be a special part of my life.


2 responses to “The Turds

  1. Becky ⋅

    Hey Josh, I have been hopping on and reading your blogs when you FB that you have posted a new one. I just want you to know that each time I read through them I pray all over for you again and the situations you are in. You are definitely a person that deserves happiness, and I just know that soon all things will be right in your world.

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