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My Day Off

I am so thankful for a day off. It feels like they are few and far between. I know I only work 5 days a week but just because you are not at work doesn’t mean you’ll have a day off. Sometimes being at home can be more work. I guess it all depends on what you do with your day. Today, I’m not doing shit. I deserve it. I have a long week ahead of me and I need to rest.

I am also feeling quite lucky that I don’t have to be at the store all five days next week. I will be working three days and I have to go to Indianapolis for a two day meeting. The meeting will stink but I’m not at the store so I consider it a win.

I’m also looking forward to Kings Island and my birthday the following week. I love roller-coasters and It’s been too long since I’ve gone with out having to be responsible for a child. I took Brian last year, and we had a blast, but I felt like I was trying to entertain him the whole day. He was 16 and that can be a chore! I am going to take him in August but this time I am going for me! I will have a good time without worrying about everyone else.


2 responses to “My Day Off

  1. Kristyne ⋅

    Wish I could go with you, but can’t afford it. Good memories though!.

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