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A Day At The Park

I was sitting back today, relaxing, when a memory popped into my head. It was nearly three years ago, I was with Rhonda and the boys. It was the first real time I ever spent with them. We met at Shady Side Park. It wasn’t a terribly busy day at the park, so we had a lot of room to run around. I had Nicholas won over in what seemed like an instant. He’s such a loving boy and is so sweet. Anyway, Gryffin was a different story. He has this loom he gives strangers. He kind of looks at you out of the corner of his eye and stares you down. It’s like he doesn’t trust you so he needs to keep an eye on you. Well, we were there maybe an hour when he started to loosen up and…like me. He was going down a slide and looked up at me and said ‘you turn Josh!’ What was I going to say to that? So down the kiddie slide I went. Then Gryffin went and once again ‘you turn Josh!’ It was fun and sweet. I felt like I had officially won him over. Looking back on it, both kids were so small and so different. They’ve grown up so much in such a short time. We’ve (Rhonda, the boys and I) have grown as a family, been through so much. It just amazes me how fast time flys.


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